A Bentayga Unlike Any Other

Extraordinary design and attention to detail run deep in the Bentley DNA.

Bentley proudly offers a wealth of personalisation options to design a vehicle that is truly your own. Mulliner, Bentley’s personal commissioning division, stands as the epitome of automotive design personalisation, showcasing the pinnacle of bespoke luxury options where imagination knows no bounds. 

In the realm of Mulliner, a Bentley ceases to be a mere vehicle; and is instead an expression of individuality, an emblem of refined taste, and an automotive masterpiece tailored to the exacting desires of its owner.

Extraordinary Craftsmanship

Bentley already offers a wide range of paint colours to personalise one’s exterior, but thanks to Mulliner, Bentley owners are also presented with an incredible opportunity to apply colours to their cars in striking and creative ways, including dual-tone and bespoke colour options. On top of that, one can also choose to add an extra bit of detailing with the Blackline Specification, which replaces all the exterior brightware with black trim. 

Taking inspiration from the beauty and vastness of the galaxy, the newly commissioned showcase Bentayga sports a scintillating Moonbeam exterior – one out of the enormous range of colours and finishes available in Bentley’s standard palette.  The showcase Bentayga is further paired with the gloss black exterior detailing of the Blackline Specification, accentuating the contours of this magnificent vehicle and elevating the captivating paintwork. 

The Finer Details 

The interior of our Bentayga is equally as luxurious with finishings that complement the Moonbeam exterior. The Single Finish Galaxy Stone Veneer adorning the fascia and waistrails is elegant yet lightweight, created with an innovative laser-cutting technique that allows Mulliner to shape stone formed over 200 million years ago to create panels of veneer just one-tenth of a millimetre thick – which means that although they are made from pure stone, they do not add meaningfully to the weight of the car. With a tactile, visible, ‘open-pore’ texture, they can be commissioned in any one of four different colours.

Stitching may seem like a small detail, yet its impact on the interior of your car can be nothing short of spectacular, which is why Bentley has created a variety of stitching colour choices that can be specified in either contrast or blind and applied throughout the interior. This Bentayga features Serenity Quilting to Standard Quilted Areas with Porpoise Blind Stitching to match the hides of the seating. Nothing says ‘made by hand’ quite like the intricate way it complements and brings together the ensemble of hides, veneer, and finishes to complete a truly unique and personalised interior. 

Arguably the most noticeable element in the cabin of any Bentley is the colour of the hides used to upholster the seats and many other parts of the interior. It features an innovative colour split with a dark Porpoise coloured main hide complemented with Brunel secondary hide and Linen accent hides. The showcase Bentayga’s interior is a pleasant, subtle contrast to the bold exterior.

Every part of your Bentley can be bold and eye-catching or muted and subtle as desired with the wide range of colours available – a choice that becomes essentially limitless when you consider that Mulliner can match any colour sample you care to provide.

Explore the World of Mulliner

Discover an unlimited combination of options to personalise a Bentley that is truly your own. From colour choices to state-of-art equipment, allow our team at Bentley Kuala Lumpur to assist you in navigating through the personalisation process and the unlimited options that Mulliner has to offer.  

If you already know what you are seeking, the Bentley Configurator enables you to personalise and experiment with different options. Your configurations can be saved and sent to us for further discussion.

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