Rejoice With The Colours Of Bentley

Bentley Kuala Lumpur celebrates the month of Ramadhan with the colours of Bentley, with the Bentley Colour Collection.

The Bentley Collection is a series of carefully selected luxury products, each with its own unique identity. Every item embodies the essence of the Bentley marque: unparalleled craftsmanship with incredible attention to detail; coupled with the use of uncompromised quality luxury materials.

The newly launched Colour Collection is a series of the Bentley Collection that draws inspiration from Bentley’s extensive colour palette, celebrating the marque’s array of vivid and astonishing shades.

Bentley Kuala Lumpur is celebrating the colourful month of Ramadhan with the Colour Collection, providing a preferential rate of 20% off all items in this collection from now till 14 June 2018; a perfect time to gift yourself and your loved ones this festive season.